Asians and Burmese
GRCH Nemorez Some Thingspecial (Crumpet)
Crumpet was the first asian champion ticked tabby to be recognised by the GCCF.Her father Ch Vervaian calamondin was the second to do it. 26/2/06 Our beloved Crumpet was put down  with liver failure she was a very special lady behind so many of the top show lines, we will miss you crumpet
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CH Nemorez Some Thingelse (Bun)
pictured here with one of our blue merle border collies tag.
Bun is Crumpets last daughter.
Her father is grand Champion GRCH Beannocht Awsten.
Bun is now retried.
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GrCh Nemorez Take a Chance on
me (Ibby)
Ibby Is the daughter of Ehwaz Taken By storm(sire) and GRCH Nemorez three a Lady.
She was just checking the the chicken house for eggs when this was taken.
72 45s
Nemorez Scarlet Ribbons
Scramble is our black torttie tiffanie who has  a wonderfull temperment and produces beauitful babies
Nemorez Wake Uplittlesusie (Jojo)
This is Jojo our lilac Burmese Lady
From Ch Kamehahd Boromir Blockchip and Nemorez Inyourdreams
Isajen Broom Styx
(Betty Boo)
Betty Boo Came from our good friends Margret and Paul. She produces wonderful loveing babes
Nemorez Allthatheavnallows (Lola)
Lola is a very typeie blue shaded Burmilla over cream with attitude
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Nemorez Comedance Withme (Meme)
This was taken during the summer as a baby her mum is Grch Nemorez Take a chance on me .we have high hope s for this little lady
72 43nq
Nemorez Ohgolly Missmolley (Momo)
Momo is a delight to be owned by she live's on your head! her mum is wake up littlr susie
Vervain Primavera (Plum)
Thankyou to Naomi for Plum who is a delight to live with and a real caricature